not responding?

(Aymericvie) #1

I cannot access to the following adresses (timed out): The website works fine.
Is it something with my computer or with the platform? I could still access to these pages without any problem this morning. works fine too.

Many thanks in advance.
Aymeric Vié

(Aymericvie) #2

Oddly, I can now access but ongoing executions seem to have been erased.
Acess fixed anyway, thank you!

(Aymericvie) #3

Problem happening again. It’s weird.

Since yesterday evening I have no access to Different browsers warn me that the security certificate is not okay, but can’t manage to access the website once I ask them to not mind. It used to work though.
If it is as 2 days ago it might reset again my computations to scratch.
Is there something I don’t do correctly? Everything worked fine until 2 days ago.

(Mathieu Leclaire) #4

We faced to micro power-cuts yesterday leading to troubles on our cloud services. Yesterday, everything was up and running but I transmitted your concern about this new problem to the sys-administrator. I will let you know when the system will be up again.
Sorry for the inconvenience.


(Aymericvie) #5


Thanks a lot for the answer. Yesterday was indeed fine until ~10 PM French time. I hope that it resolves soon. Thank you for transmitting the issue.


(Aymericvie) #6

Just to let you know: it worked again for me around the middle of the day and it is now down again apparently. Same problem as before.


(Mathieu Leclaire) #7

Hi Aymeric,
the power-cut issue is now over, but it seems that your virtual machine need to be reboot manually. Unfortunately, I can’t reboot it by myself; Romain does but he is on vacation for 3 weeks with no access to the network.

Can you work locally on your computer for building your experiment and you’ll be able to run your simulations in a few weeks when Romain is back ?


(Aymericvie) #8

Thanks for the feedback. That’s unfortunate as I needed those results, but they will still arrive someday.
The experiment is ready, just waiting for computation! Maybe I can get the virtual machine to remain stable for enough time to give me something to work on while waiting for things to go back to normal.

Thank you for your kind help.