SGE environment


(Etienne Delay) #1

Hi all,
I have obtained access to a “new” cluster. So I have experienced a new environment for me : SGE.

Actually openMole is able to connect the cluster (I can see a .openmole), hundred jobs are marked as finish (e.g. fig) but results doesn’t come back …

Any ideas, how can I log what append?


(Mathieu Leclaire) #2

What do you mean “results doesn’t come back” ? Did you set a hook ?

(Etienne Delay) #3

For sure I have a hook … I have just changed environment in an openMole script running on another environment.

(Mathieu Leclaire) #4

So, you had a working workflow; you just changed the environment and now you don’t get results any more. That’s it ? You didn’t change the experience, which could render the computation longer ?

(Etienne Delay) #5

vi :slight_smile:

(Mathieu Leclaire) #6

@jopasserat, @reuillon s the SGE env still working ?

(Jonathan Passerat Palmbach) #7

Haven’t tried it in a while since we don’t have one at hand, seems like a good time!

(Etienne Delay) #8


(Etienne Delay) #9

How can we proceed ?

(Etienne Delay) #10

Thank you to Jo !
It works ! I needed to specify the working directory and sharing directory. :slight_smile:

val env =
    queue ="normal.q",
    workDirectory = "/home/work/",
    sharedDirectory = "/home/work/"

(Etienne Delay) #11

Yes it will be great :heart_eyes:

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