AAC ISA 2023 Session "Analyzing the Links between Authoritarian Political Practices and Reactionary Ideas"

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Pour rappel, vous trouverez ci-dessous l’appel à communication pour la session « Analyzing the Links between Authoritarian Political Practices and Reactionary Ideas » que nous organisons dans le cadre du RC 18 Sociologie politique pour le prochain congrès de l’International Sociological Association (Melbourne, du 25 juin au 1er juillet 2023).

La date limite pour soumettre une proposition de communication (300 mots max. en français, anglais ou espagnol) est le 30 septembre 2022 - 24:00 GMT.

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Boris Attencourt et Maricel Rodriguez Blanco

Session Organizers

Analyzing the Links between Authoritarian Political Practices and Reactionary Ideas

RC18 Political Sociology (host committee)

Language: English, French and Spanish

Session Type: Oral

In recent decades, whether in Europe, Asia or the Americas, there have been countless recourse to forms of authoritarianism among democratic regimes. At least two main types of authoritarianism can be distinguished. The first concerns modes of governance oriented towards the centralization of decision-making (bypassing parliament, states of emergency, etc.). The second refers to political actions that repress individual and collective freedoms (right to abortion, right to demonstrate, etc.). At the same time, we are witnessing a rise in strength of conservative ideas and their carriers in the public space. However, in the image of the success met by various ideologues on the media scene, this rather composite current which was carried since the 1970s by the figure of the right-wing intellectual, seems to take an increasingly reactionary turn. The aim of this session will therefore be to concretely question the relationship between reactionary ideas and the return of authoritarian political practices. How can we characterize the fields, spaces and institutions involved in these relationships? What are the trajectories and capitals of the actors who circulate in them? Is their anchorage only national or do they also access the international? Do they maintain divergences or are we dealing with homogeneous blocks? Proposals for papers should clearly specify the theoretical and empirical approaches on which their presentation will be based.

Session Organizers:

Boris ATTENCOURT , Université Paris Cité, France, borisattencourt@gmail.com

Maricel RODRIGUEZ BLANCO , EPSS CY Cergy Paris Université, France, maricel.rblanco@gmail.com

Boris Attencourt, PhD

Chercheur postdoctoral sur les données de la recherche (IDEX Science ouverte) à l’Université Paris Cité

Docteur en sociologie de l’EHESS

Chercheur associé au CESSP (EHESS-Paris 1-CNRS) (page personnelle).

Qualifié aux fonctions de Maître de conférences en sociologie (section CNU 19)

Membre des Réseaux thématiques « Sociologie des élites » et « Socialisations » de l’Association française de sociologie