**Appel à contribution** - Evaluation and Indicators for Sustainability: Tools for Governance and Resilience - IEA de Paris


(Margaux Calon) #1

A special issue of Sustainability (ISSN 2071-1050).

Deadline for manuscript submissions: 30 September 2020.

Sustainability in times of major transitions requires resilience, the ability of systems and all their stakeholders, beyond avoiding negative externalities, to continue to function and pursue their development objectives, regardless of shocks or environment changes. E.g., for territories, the capacity to cope with shocks but also to better adapt to and reduce chronic stresses. In order to allow a constructive dialogue with all specialists in the field (sustainable development, sustainability, adaptation, ecological transition, etc.), we opt for a broad definition of the term “resilience”.

Transdisciplinary and intersectoral—i.e., (co-)authored with non-academic experts—papers are welcome. Case studies are of course expected and welcome; they should include reflection on transferability and lessons learned beyond the specific case. Conversely, theoretical papers should include links to empirical material.

We expect this Special Issue will become a major reference on how to evaluate resilience. Hence, keep in mind when writing that your readers may be practitioners, consultants or leaders, or academics: readability and illustration with regard to concrete cases will be a plus.

More info on : https://www.paris-iea.fr/fr/evenements/evaluation-and-indicators-for-sustainability-tools-for-governance-and-resilience

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