Candidatures ouvertes pour la Présidence de la Complex Systems Society

(David Chavalarias) #1

Message de Yamir Moreno, actuel président de CSS (

Dear CCS members,

I have been the President of the Complex Systems Society since September 2015 and it has been a pleasure to work on several initiatives that have consolidated our Society. Currently, the CSS is healthy, both structurally and in its functioning. With the membership fees, we have also been able to implement several programs that have mostly benefited our younger members. I hope that this line of work continues in the future and that our Society becomes stronger.

According to our Statutes, the mandate of the President is for one term of 3 years. Thus, the time for the election of a new president of the CSS has come. In 2014, when we modified the statutes and by-laws, we thought that it would be good to impose that the President can only have a mandate in a row. I still think this should be so. Therefore, we need to elect a new President.

Thus, I send this call for candidatures for the President of the Complex Systems Society for the period October 2018 – September 2021. Although I think there are very qualified candidates that need little help, I will be around to secure a smooth transition. The election will be as follows:

  • Candidatures for the Presidency of the CSS can be uploaded to the web page of the CSS from June 1st to August 24th. Every member of the Society can candidate her/himself. To do this, you need to log in with your details and once you are in your personal profile, click on ballots and upload your application.

  • Elections will be from September 1st to September 21st, so we will announce the new President of the CSS at the end of this year’s Conference on Complex Systems, which as you know will be held from September 24th to September 28th in Thessaloniki, Greece. Although every member of the CSS can become President, only the members of the Council are entitled to vote and elect the new President.

Thank you all that have been with me during my mandate (the Vice-presidents, members of the Executive Committee and Council) and to all of our members. It has been a pleasant journey and I hope I have contributed to have a better Society.

With my very best regards,

Yamir Moreno

President of the Complex Systems Society.

P.S.: Please, note that we will have several elections from now to the CCS, including partial renewal of the Council, the Executive Committee, and the CCS Steering Committee. We will contact you again regarding these in due time.