Contribute to blog articles ===>>> authors wanted!


(Jonathan Passerat Palmbach) #1

TL;DR we need authors for the blog, please suggest articles below

Hi all,

As you know we’ve kickstarted the community blog and Romain went ahead with the first introduction article.

We’re aiming for one article every two weeks so we’ll need help for that!

I’ve next got week covered with a report from the coding camp (available in the drafts for those already provided with an author account).

I’d like you to post your article ideas in this topic and an estimated date below.

Articles don’t have to be long, or extensively technical. It can showcase your usage of OpenMOLE and it’s fine if you’ve published it on your own blog already (@ElCep :wink:).

I’m happy to serve as an editor if you feel like you need some help with the writing.

Ideally I’d love someone to step in with something for the 1st week of August.

(Jonathan Passerat Palmbach) #2

(Etienne Delay) #3

Hi Jo,
With @reyman with would like to play with gama, openmole using POM this summer ! So it may be possible to write a blog post one our practice … :slight_smile:

(Jonathan Passerat Palmbach) #4

Hey Etienne!

Sounds great!
When do you think you guys could have something ready?

In the meantime still looking for summer bloggers @all :slight_smile: