DATABEERS #2 April 3rd

(Margaux Calon) #1

Dear Colleagues,

we are launching the second edition of Databeers Paris.

Databeers is a series of events taking place already in several cities in Europe and outside (e.g. Madrid, London, among the others), designed to create a world-wide community of data lovers. Each event features interesting, fun and/or challenging data based stories in an informal and relaxed event, with the best social lubricant: beer. A few beers ease people to get to know each other, before starting with the presentations. Six 7min talks are provided by outstanding speakers coming from both the academic and the private world. The “after-beers” creates a convivial space to engage in further discussions about the talks and provides a mingling atmosphere.

The second edition of Databeers Paris will be held on Wednesday April 3 . Find the detailed information below.

We would be grateful if you could pass this information along to the contacts and colleagues of yours who may be interested in attending. We are looking forward to meeting all of you at Databeers Paris!

All the best,

Chiara Poletto

on behalf of the organisers


Wednesday April 3


  • Basile Chaix, research director INSERM

  • Martin Daniels, data science manager AirBnB

  • Clara DeAlberto et Jules Grandin, graphic designer and cartographer

  • Marc Santolini, researcher CRI

  • Stefania Rubrichi, researcher Orange Labs

  • TBA, Dataiku


Participation is free of charges, but registration is mandatory at the link


Beginning of the meeting : 19h30

Networking (and beer) : 19h30 - 19h45
Presentation (and beer) : 19h45 - 21h00

Discussion (and beer) : 21h00-21h30


The event will be hosted by Le Wagon,

16 villa Gaudelet, 75011 Paris

Métro Rue Saint Maur


Given the diverse nature of the audience and the informal character of the event, speakers will decide whether to give the presentation in English or in French

Sponsored by Dataiku, and hosted by Le Wagon


For more information about upcoming events, sign up to our mailing list, and follow us on twitter @DatabeersParis. Any questions or comments? Get in touch at

Still confused about how it works? See the trailer here and examples of talks here, and here.