Exploration parameters when using multi-threading in LocalEnvironment



I have a question regarding the LocalEnvironment(ThreadNum) setting. I tried to run following exploration task in parallel using:

val exploration =
ExplorationTask ((arg2 in (1 to 10 by 1))

val env = LocalEnvironment(4)
exploration -< (javaTask on env hook CopyFileHook(outputDirectory, workDirectory / “output” / “simulation”))

In a single threaded environment, it runs fine. When more threads are selected, openmole chooses the same exploration parameter arg2 for parallel executions. This fails in my case since I can create a unique output database.
Is it the expected behavior that openmole calls the same exploration parameter when using multi-threading?
Thanks for your support.

OpenMole crash/The request allStates failed

Nop it is not the experected behaviour. Could you check that by replacing your task by a simple println:

ScalaTask("println(arg2)") set (inputs += arg2)