FutureLearn course on COVID-19 -UNESCO UNITWIN Complex Systems Digital Campus


(Margaux Calon) #1

The UNESCO UNITWIN Complex Systems Digital Campus (CS-DC), an international network of individuals and institutions working together to promote research and education in complex systems science and in integrative sciences, has developed a course on COVID-19: Pandemics, Modelling, and Policy, with support from The Open University, available to join now on leading social learning platform, FutureLearn.

With the world in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic, there has been a surge of interest in scientific modelling of the outbreak. UNESCO UNITWIN CSDC’s two week course explores the role that forecasts and computer models play in predicting the spread and severity of pandemics such as COVID-19, and looks at the social, economic and political factors which can affect this.

COVID-19: Pandemics, Modelling, and Policy covers the currently accepted facts and statistics of COVID-19, such as the incubation period, recovery time and basic reproduction rates. The course explains how policy makers must deal with conflicting scientific evidence, teaching learners how to model the COVID-19 pandemic using computation methods and evaluate reports used to guide policy.

The course is designed for anyone wanting to make sense of the conflicting modelling information around COVID-19. This includes scientists, health professionals, policy planners, or members of the general public.