How often is the site built and deployed?


(Julien Perret) #1

by the way, how often is the site built and deployed?

(Mathieu Leclaire) #2

Every time dev branch is pushed


Actually it is not, right now, since the IGN logo is missing in the repo :slight_smile: (therefore it does not compile)

(Julien Perret) #4

Right, I pushed the Resources (they were actually just missing from the Resource.scala file).
Sorry :confused:
By the way: how are you handling that?
I think we already talked about continuous integration but I didn’t think you had a jenkins or anything similar installed…


It’s all there:

We might try to use the CI of gitlab at some point, it looks nice.


To make it build automatically you should push it to Log onto it, I’ll add you to the openmole organisation.