How to export results of Spark in Zeppelin


(Noe Gaumont) #1


I’m using zepplin and the viz are very nice but I would like to try other viz locally.
Is there a way to download the result locally?


(Maziyar Panahi) #2

Hi Noe,

There are two ways for exporting the results of your Spark application:

  1. (Only works in Apache Zeppelin):
    If you have your data in DataFrame/Hive format you can simply display them by SparkSQL feature in Zeppelin that gives you visualisations and export options.

NOTE: You can use SparkSQL (livy.sql) on both Hive tables and your DataFrames variables.

  1. (Works in both Zeppelin and Spark-shell/Spark-submit):
    Simply save your results inside your HDFS home directory. For instance, to save a JSON results you can use spark native write function:


Here is the link for more details/options:

If your data is RDD, you can use saveAsTextFile:

Let me know if you have any question,