Instructions for pushing to the openmole git repository

(Guillaume Chérel) #1

Could we have here or on the website a reminder of the instructions for pushing to the openmole git repository, and a description of the branches and their meanings?

(Mathieu Leclaire) #2

At any time, there are 3 main branches:

  • the dev-N, which is the branch concerning the version N. You should push here 90% of the time
  • the dev-N+1, which is the branch of the next version.
  • the master one, which permits to push modifications in release period.

When we are developing a given version, just push your commits in dev-N
When we are in release period (ie, when we are producing Release Candidates versions), the dev-N branch is blocked (it is a way for you to detect it is a Release period if you didn’t know) and is only available for Romain, Jo and me. So, in this case, if you need to push a commit concerning:

  • only the version we are releasing (debug, patch): do a PR on dev-N
  • both versions dev-N and dev-N+1, do a PR on master (so that it could be merged both on dev-N and dev-N+1)
  • the dev-N+1: you can push it as usual on dev-N+1