International Workshop : Dynamic Systems Analysis for Economic Theory and Society


(David Chavalarias) #1

International Workshop organised by DYNAMETS (University Paris Dauphine PSL) and ISC-PIF

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Dynamic and complex systems analysis has been shown to allow collaboration among specialists of extremely different fields, enabling path-breaking and fruitful links between mathematics, computer science and social sciences. This workshop, jointly organised by the research group DYNAMETS (University Paris Dauphine PSL) and the ISC-PIF, aims to discuss interdisciplinary contributions to the analysis of socio-economic phenomena such as public policy and financial systems.

The workshop focuses to the interaction between microscopic and macroscopic dimensions in generating the dynamic performance of the systems under investigation. Specific attention is therefore paid to the mutual relationship between the micro-level, where agent behaviour and interaction occur, and the macro-level, at which environmental and collective structures emerge or are established. This approach jointly develops theoretically-informed analysis and empirically-grounded theory. Models and analyses address: dynamic systems behaviour, decision-making and regulatory design, as well as non-equilibrium systems in economy, society, finance, and polity. Finally, implications and applications point to systemic outcomes such as coordination, financial stability and opinion dynamics.

Organisation Committee
Yuri Biondi (CNRS, DYNAMETS, IRISSO – University Paris Dauphine PSL)
David Chavalarias (CNRS, ISC-PIF)
Stefano Olla (DYNAMETS, CEREMADE – University Paris Dauphine PSL)
Juliette Rouchier (DYNAMETS, LAMSADE – University Paris Dauphine PSL)