New features in Multivac Dashboards


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We are in the process of updating Multivac Dashboards to work with new Multivac APIs engine. Previously, all the dashboards were built on top of the old API engine (version 1) which is outdated and limited.

New Features:

Multivac Dashboards is getting a new home! We are re-designing the home of Multivac apps and services. In the Multivac Platforms we are going to list all the services Multivac offers such as APIs and Data Science Lab.

We re-engineered the Web of Science Playground to work with new Multivac APIs.

Query builder is a fully functional query string

We also updated the Web of Science to include 2014 and 2015

Since we are re-building Multivac Dashboards on top of new Multivac APIs you can access the same functionality in our APIs UI

More will come in upcoming weeks!


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