New site is online



Congrats to all the OpenMOLE devs who have been working very hard on that the new version of the OpenMOLE site is online !

Check it out at:

(Mathieu Leclaire) #2


(Alex) #3

Is the site open source too? There’s a few issues with the header and footer on smaller screens and on mobiles (See Here ) and I’d be interested in potentially helping fix some of them :slight_smile: The site looks awesome though, I really like it.

EDIT: I see the site source inside the main github repo. Might take a look and see if there is anyway I can help.

(Mathieu Leclaire) #4

Hi Alex,
Thanks for you message !
Yes the website is also open-source, and any help is welcome !
The site is build from scala. There are 2 generations:

  • one from scala to html, and
  • one from scala to js.

So it is a combination of scalatex (static pages) and scala-js (js sugar). You can find the full website sources here and you may be insterrested in the Footer sources.
There is also pure css parts.


(Hélène) #5

The new site is great! I particularly like the site map and search feature :slight_smile:

One suggestion though: would it be possible to see beforehand which OpenMOLE version is currently available for download (under the “Download” button)? In order to know when there’s been an update and when it’s useful to download it again to get the latest version!
Maybe just write it in the name of the archive?

Anyway, great job and thanks for this awesome new site!

(Mathieu Leclaire) #6

Hi Helene,

Happy that the new site suits you ! Your proposal is a good idea, it has
been added and will be visible for the RC6.