No Boolean value for a Netlogo task?

(Samuel Thiriot) #1

I’m continuing my quest in using Boolean values in OpenMole ^^

Netlogo tasks are explicitly refusing Boolean values. Does anyone think there is a good reason for not trying to activate that feature? Else I’ll activate them.


(Juste Raimbault) #2

That’s a good question, I think we had a discussion on that when we refactored deeply the nl task, but I cant remember if there was a good reason… It is however more subtle than just adding it in the checkinput list, you need to add dirty conversions to java native boolean. I look into that !

(Juste Raimbault) #3

this is indeed an issue :wink:

(Juste Raimbault) #4

my bad, the dirtyness with java types was for outputs, inputs was fine

(Juste Raimbault) #5

and there was indeed no issue, so I guess we just forgot it… I’m pushing the patch !

(Juste Raimbault) #6

working on the outputs now, for boolean scalar there is nothing to do but for arrays there is this native type trick

(Juste Raimbault) #7

done, you can now booleanize your netlogotasks as you want !

(Samuel Thiriot) #8

That’s wonderful, thanks @jraimbault !