Openmole remove runtime dir before end of exec :(


(Sebastien Rey) #1


After some new investigations on SLURM env ( see Error when bundle load on slurm ) from Thomas and me, we found that OpenMOLE delete the tmp/ directory which contain the execution before the end of execution of the model …

After that we have a lot of error of this type : Error make dir /gpfs1/home/2017016/thurau01/.openmole/.tmp/ssh/openmole-723f06ff-45a7-468c-9930-37d2f37a923b/tmp/1499931427810/6b75a42c-69af-452a-8fba-d213bcff3d24

Any idea ?

(Jonathan Passerat Palmbach) #2


Are you still on version 7.0-RC4 or did you give it a shot to RC5?

(Thomas H) #3


We are on commited version 3e777e8ae224aa01e11b30c29106b2671ee58717

(Sebastien Rey) #4

Yep, we use the dev version for our test.

(Jonathan Passerat Palmbach) #5

Can you please share a minimal workflow that reproduces the error?

I can’t reproduce with the latest dev branch on my own slurm running the Pi example from the market place.

(Thomas H) #6


Well, I don’t know exactly why but it works fine now.

Maybe this was caused by an access problem to the MYRIA cluster that we use. There was a problem with SSH and file access. Bull support seems to have fixed the issues.

Also sometimes it seems that i need to delete the openmole database to force the gama code update.

Thanks anyway!

(Sebastien Rey) #7