Read me! Newcomers's adventure in OpenMOLE land


(Jonathan Passerat Palmbach) #1

Welcome to the OpenMOLE user help forum!

Feel free to ask any question about OpenMOLE usage and problems.

A few things to consider before your start your journey

Liking and Accepting answers / questions

  • If an answer has been of any help to resolve your problem, hit the :heart: button to show your appreciation and let the other OpenMOLErs know it’s an answer worth considering.

  • Please also mark the answer solving your problem using the :ballot_box_with_check: button. This is a valuable information for the trick to try first for your fellow OpenMOLErs having the same issue.

You can find the buttons by clicking on the three dots menu below a post:

The two buttons we’re interested in are these ones:

Doesn’t it look nice when it’s all set :heart_eyes:

It’s also easier to spot the questions with an accepted answer from the front page

Tagging questions

Have you noticed the meta tag at the bottom of this post? It’s here to tell you what the post is about (in this case meta stands for a post about the site itself).

When you create your own topic, check out the field located above the create topic button:

When you start typing, tags suggestions will pop up based on the tags previously entered for other topics. Try to reuse them as much as possible but you’re of course free to add a new tag if you feel it will better describe your post.

You’re all set!

Just make sure you’ve read through all this by clicking on this post’s :heart: button :wink: