Séminaire Neuromathématiques Integrative modeling of Paramecium, a “swimming neuron”

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Giovanna Citti (University of Bologna)
Jean-Pierre Nadal (CAMS - EHESS/CNRS)
Jean Petitot (CAMS - EHESS)

Jerome Ribot (Collège de France)

Alessandro Sarti (CAMS - EHESS/CNRS)

mardi 1 février 14h30-16h30

la séance ne se tiendra pas au Collège de France , 11, Place Marcelin-Berthelot, 75005, Paris

mais se déroulera en visioconférence

Inscription au lien https://participations.ehess.fr/

Romain Brette

Institut de la Vision, Paris

Integrative modeling of Paramecium, a “swimming neuron”


Paramecium is a unicellular organism that swims in fresh water using cilia. When it is stimulated (mechanically, chemically, optically, thermally, etc), it often swims backward then turns and swims forward again: this is called the avoiding reaction. This reaction is triggered by a calcium-based action potential. For this reason, it enjoyed a period of glory in the 1970s as a model organism for neuroscience. We have developed an integrative model that links electrophysiology and behavior, quantitatively constrained by experimental data. This model is a dynamical system coupled to the environment, which allows revisiting various neuroscientific themes (perception, adaptation, learning) in the context of an autonomous system, rather than within the stimulus-response paradigm.

Programme 2021-2022

7 décembre Davide Barbieri

1 février Romain Brette

1 mars Remco Duits

5 avril Vasiliki Liontou.