Seminars series : "the interdisciplinary contribution of giorgio parisi to theoretical physics"


This is a series of 14 seminars, each one dedicated to one among the most influential papers of Giorgio Parisi, with topics spanning from statistical mechanics to quantum field theory and particle physics.

The series is conceived to trigger curiosity and the seminars will have a strong interdisciplinary character. Attendance of young people is warmly encouraged.

Talks will take place in the Physics Department of “Sapienza”, University of Rome, across the whole 2022/2023 academic year.
All details on the schedule can be found in the dedicated webpage [], including the zoom link for remote attendance (a link to a form for receiving announcements of upcoming talks in the series is also present in the webpage).

The first seminar: 6 October 2022 , 2:30 pm
“Infinite number of order parameters for spin-glasses” by Marc Mezard