Versionning on Zeppeling

(David Chavalarias) #1

Since the last update, there is no more versionning in the Zeppling notebook. Has the feature disappear or could it be added ?

(Maziyar Panahi) #2

Hi david,
I think I disabled it during the last major update. I didn’t think anybody was using it.

I see if I can enable it again :slight_smile:

(Maziyar Panahi) #3

I found the answer. I didn’t disable this feature, the versioning only works if the Notebooks are locally saved. I have moved from locally saved notebooks to HDFS which has replication, security and better scaling which is important for all the users’ codes.

Unfortunately, using HDFS as Notebook storage doesn’t support versioning.

(Maziyar Panahi) #4

(David Chavalarias) #5

OK @mpanahi, many thanks for the investigation. It’s a pity versioning doesn"t work on HDFS, it is a very important feature for collaboration. I hope it will developed in the future.